Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fallin Alrede ..... ????

Hmmmmm so u guys im at wrk now... bored out my freakin mind cause there is nothin excitin bout this damn job... smh. So i use this time too think lol. N i was thinkin bout my bf... but idk if i should reali consider him tht..... okk yeaa he asked me out but like realistically i dnt think we reali go out lol. Do i sound krazi ?? Some onee please let me knoo. But its like i dnt see us bein together for a long time hell ill be lucky if we make it till thee end of this wk with out onee of us sayyin tht we think its better off we stay friends..... =/ (btw whoever is reading my blogs to my "bf", could u suck a hot onee... please n thnk u) but yeaaa... so like we dnt have tht "bf" n "gf" vibe ..... no onee would even knoo we were friend let alone go out smh. So yeaa.... i guess it was good while it lasted lmaooo

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