Saturday, July 11, 2009

Heyy Bloggers =)))))))))))) Im Excited You Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!! Member "YOUNGN" From Thee Last Blog??? Well He Asked Me Out 7. 11 ^^. LOL. Im So Happy =))))). Ive Been Dyin Too Be Cuffed, I Juss Wonder How Long This Feeling Is Gonna Last Between Him N I...... I Mean I Think He Is A Real Cool Person Or Else I Wouldnt Have Started Tlkin Too Him At All. But Nothin Last Forever N My Relationships Seem Too Come N Go That Fast. SMH! N There Is Alrede A Couple Of Problems Wit This...

  1. He Lives In Mt. Vernon N I Live In Harlem (Hell Of A Commute)
  2. He Has Madd Bitches On His Cock (Thy All Arent Ugly =/ lol)
  3. Hes Madd Rude (I Only Like That Sometimes lol)

So Ill Keep You Updated On My New Relationship To Let You Know How Long We Are Goin For!.... Hmmmmm Hopefully A Yr That Will Be My Longest Ever LOL.


  1. yea okayyy shawna i think i kno who diz "YOUNGN" boiz iz lmfaooooo