Saturday, June 27, 2009

And This Is What We Idolize... SMH

So recently Michael Jackson died. Rest In Peace! So everybody in their aways in stuff hadd OMG thee king of pop blah blah blah... N im thinkin hol on i hope everybody get this way wen i go byee byee cause this nigga was a PERV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N im like if it was summ normal nigga on thee street thy would have wanted him too been gone cause he touchin lil kidds. N yeaa i knoo u shoulda wish death on anyone but i have hadd a serious encounter wit a PERV n it hurts wen summthin like tht happens.. So should he reali get this much praise ?! I think not his ass should rot in HELL ! Juss like all thee other grown ass men n women touchin on children ! HELLO ppl cause he got money he different, fucc outta here ! N thts wat i think bout thee death of thee King Of Pop ... srry i knoo many ppl will beg too differ wit my opinion =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Teen Pregnancy : New Fad !?

So there is this neww fad riiii noww with teen pregnancy. N this may sound a lil dumm i knoo but i kinda wanna be apart of thee fad..... Like i absolutely adore children. They r wonderful, but ive been watchin 16 and pregnant... a neww show on MTV n idk nemore lol. They be goin thru summ shit n especially cause im thee type tht like too go out n drank n shit idk howw tht would happen wit a kidd. But it sure would be nice too have a lil onee callin me mommie =) But i guess ill juss have too wait until tht time cumms n tht special person knocks me right on up lol.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


"I know you miss me
and when you're with me
The world just goes away
The way you hold me
The way you show me that you
adore me. Oh, when you kiss me"
- Shania Twain

So theee topic of LOVE has cumm bacc up yet again.... N i realize tht i kinda want a boyfriend. I mean its NOT summthin tht i need but its nice too have onee. But actually summone who cares for u juss as much as u care for them. When i did have a boyfriend ill admit i wasnt thee greatest girfriend but thts only because i wasnt satisfied.... n NOT even sexually, PERIOD! I alrede knoo wat i want n until i get it ill juss have too "explore"lol. I want summbody thts gonna make me feel like thee Shania describes lol. Doesnt tht juss sound soo romantic n fairy tale like !? =) I mean im sure all times wont be tht way but i want summ onee tht if like we will have an argument but then at night he'll still call me n sayy forget bout all tht nonsense i LOVE u =)))) Will this ever happen for me !? I knoo onee day but i want it noww lol. Maybe im rushin things cause im only 17 but thee floww life gettin ouuta control cause thy start catchin feelings n if u not wit it then thy wanna cop a attitude smh... I want summ body too ADORE me =)))) OMG! This song makes me wanna cry bein all boyfriend less.... These flowws aint hittin on shit lol.

Thee problem is soon as i think i knoo for sure, i really dnt cause i keep meetin neww "friends" lol. I swear to everything i cnt get rid of these damn boys lol. Like i be tryna see wat "BUTTA" gonna do but im slowly but surely losin my attraction too him. He play too many games n got wayy too many hoes on his shit n thts NOT like me too be waitin round... if u liked it u shoulda put a ring on it lol or summthin... take a bitch out SUMMTHIN ... lol. So im soooooooo movin on.. or imma try tooo. Thee only problem wit this is tht "BUTTA" lives across thee sidewalk (in thee nxt buildin) n he doesnt like too see me wit anyone else. SMH! But o0oo well he bout too be madd cause i gots a neww boo n he a thug so "BUTTA" cnt try n run him away like he has done in thee pass lmaooooo. So hopefully things wrk out GREAT wit this onee but im pretty sure ill cumm bacc too u guys wit a story of howw he fucced up n im sick of him n im bacc too flowws lol.... BUT then again i HOPE im not right bout tht *fingers crossed*

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Golddigging !?

So wat do u consider a golddigger lol. Cause ive been tol tht i have golddigging wayys. But i dnt think so, juss dnt want knoo pop ass nigga too alwayys be tellin me tht he aint got it maybe nxt time. Fucc outta here my mother spoils me so i expect tht if u tryna be wit this =) lol. Im NOT sayyin tht u alwayys gotta have it, dnt get me wrong ill wrk for mines cause i dnt want no nigga thinkin i NEED him ! But like cmon if im ya girl im not alwayys gonna be treatin u, u BROKE ass nigga ! lol. Ive actually nvr hadd a guy juss cumm out n ask me too buy anything, guess thy alrede knoo. But i have offered n brought clothes lil stuff like tht. But im NOT supplyin ya wardrobe lol. So lately ive been watchin The Game wit Pooch Hall n thee lady frm The Steve Harvey Show riii lol. N this makes me wanna marry a football player.. not juss because he has MONEYS ;) but most likely he has thee looks n he will want a R.O.D chick cause these other hoes juss after his money ! So there goes my golddigging plans =) ill be his BIGGEST supporter n then juss go too RODEO DRIVE after... hehehe

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So yeaa i knoo wtf is wrong witchu girl this ya first day wit a blogspot n u got four lol.... But i didnt do anything today so ive juss been thinkin bout stuff tht i could share.... Well for starters i wanted too tlk bout sko0ol n howw much i HATE it ! I knoo i knoo if i wanna be anything in life i need too finish sko0ol blah blah blah but thy makin it soo hard too graduate its NOT even funny... niggas tlkin bout 90 hrs of community service noww smh. N i wasnt doin nothin durin my freshman yr n shit like tht soo its reali hrad but im tryin thoo.... Of course i got summer sko0o lol. N im type hype bout it cause its in A. Phillip Randolp, its summ kuties in tht sko0ol lol. but imma try n stay focused n NOT wrry bout thee niggas lol. N plus my lil boo gonna be in there anywayys wit me =)
Thee point of this is tht sko0ol SUCKS n i cnt wait till its done cause im ABSOLUTELY sick of it !!!

Gays, Bis, Lesbos

So wen did it become so popular too be a bisexual, lesbian, or faggot (excuse my language) lol. i mean dnt get me wrong, i LOVE em all. But im startin too believe ppl r juss claimin this sexuality cause it seems soo ko0ol n different. . . well lemme tell u bout my experience wit bein "bi" or "confused" is wat i like too call it. so i met this girl in thee 7th grade lets juss call her "sunshine". So "sunshine" alrede hadd it in her mind tht shee liked girls or w.e n shee used too make lil passes at me but i didnt think much of it until onee dayy i member bein in thee park n i was layin on her shoulder n we were tlkin n i was like damn shee is wild ko0ol or w.e so i tol my half, steph, n then shee tol "sunshine" . "sunshine" was in complete shock but shee was wit it so shee asked for my number n then we started tlkin on thee phone odee n then shee juss asked me out.. im like ummmm idk lol. but shee wanted an answer so i sed yess..... mind u shee alrede hadd a gf lol... but idc bout those lol. so we started goin out ... i didnt want nebody too knoo cause ppl tlk a lottt !!!!! n i juss didnt want nebody thinkin tht i was weird or a creep for thee decision i made. so shee didnt reali care so shee started tellin ppl if thy asked which made me feel kinda uncomfortable cause i knoo ppl thought of me differently .... after awhile i stopped carin thoo we even kissed in public lol. but after we broke up i nvr did go out wit another girl.. idk i might kiss another girl (besides my friends) onee dayy but as off noww nahh.... n thy gotta be madd kute for me too be interested lol.

okkk... so lets tlk bout this wrd LOVE n how it is bein thrown around soooo easily. smh. theres tht friendly LOVE u have for summone then its thee passionate LOVE wen u truly care for summone n u juss wanna be wit them too make them happy n u doo everything in ya will power for them. according to love- a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. smh..... thts def NOT wat these boys be thinkin wen thy sayy tht shit... n im not tlkin bout all boys juss summ MAJOR assholes.... For example, imma tlk bout this onee boy we can juss call him "BUTTA" ..... we started tlkin sayy bout oct. '07... he is sooo nice well so i thought lol... he has his moments n i juss fuccin wanna have this boys baby lol. but then there is other times wen i ABSOLUTELY HATE HIS GUTS. lets start off wit onee scenario.... i started goin out wit this boy lets juss call him "DIRT" lol my friends will understand y i call him tht but newayys we started goin out n then it kinda happened EXTREMELY fast cause i met him at a party then the nxt day he ask me out .. like wtf n my dumm ass sed yes!!!! wtf is my problem newayys .... "DIRT" starts cummin to my house n "BUTTA" gets super jelly... nobody thought this would happen thoo cause "BUTTA" doesnt seem like thee type too be catchin feelings n all tht good shit.... so there was onee time "DIRT" wlks me home n we kissed in front of my buildin... o0o lord was tht a badd move cause "BUTTA" chills in front of my buildin or on my block like all thee time. so he saw us kiss then hadd a fuccin bitch fit lol.... so a few wks lata me n my girlies go out to ihop u knoo havin a good ol time. this was also round thee time tht "BUTTA" got his phone cut bacc on so he calls me like hey boo wassup, watchu doin ... we juss jonesin n all tht ...... then like maybe two hrs lata he calls me while he is on this party bus drunk n high out his mind... tellin me howw much he LOVES me ... noww im like hmmm should i believe him knooin tht he is NOT in his right state of mind.. then he goes on too sayy howw he is denyin good pussy cause of me n im playin games wit him n he LOVES me sooo y am i doin this n tht i need too choose..... so at this point im reali confused n im like wait hol up... i juss cnt make tht decision right noww so nigga bangs it on me then starts txtin me all his emotions again lol .... it wasnt funny at thee time but noww i look bacc n laugh at it... but now he tells me he LOVES me all thee time even wen we NOT doin thee nasty lol but like now he actin funny yeaa i knoo he still care but its not how it used too be wen i was wit "DIRT" , i miss tht "BUTTA" , thts thee "BUTTA" i want bacc..... so basically tht wrd LOVE shouldnt be thrown around unless u reali truly care for summone cause wen thy get emotionally detached its horrible n im NOT thee type too fall hard at all.... but wn he tol me he LOVED me i felt summ tyoe of wayy bout it n noww i cnt shake him.... smh =/

Get To Knoo Bout Me !

Okkk... so im Tashawna n i started this blogging thingy thing cause of my half Stephanie lol. idk how long imma keep up wit it but heyy i can give it a try. so i attend FDA (bullshit ass sko0ol) soon too be a SENIOR... YAY! i HATE ppl lol. thts y i only keep a close circle n thy can even do u dirty summtimes. im pretty nice even thoo my friends tell a whole nother story bout how im bitchy lol. but u gotta LOVE me =) so i like alll kinds of stuffs such as CLOTHES, thee color PINK, BOYS !!!!!!!! n o0o yea my friends who r alwayys there for me thru everything cause lemme tell u ive been thru summ shit ova this short pd of time tht ive been on earth ! hmmm lets see my other interest would include music ! absolutley LOVE all kinds of it. i even have a music note on thee back of my neck... i knoo ko0ol riii lol. i actually have 5 tattoos n 3 piercings besides thee onee in my ear lol.... there r more tattos cummin soon thoo. sooo yeaa thts thee basics of me.... Yours Truly _Lil Miss Butta