Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gays, Bis, Lesbos

So wen did it become so popular too be a bisexual, lesbian, or faggot (excuse my language) lol. i mean dnt get me wrong, i LOVE em all. But im startin too believe ppl r juss claimin this sexuality cause it seems soo ko0ol n different. . . well lemme tell u bout my experience wit bein "bi" or "confused" is wat i like too call it. so i met this girl in thee 7th grade lets juss call her "sunshine". So "sunshine" alrede hadd it in her mind tht shee liked girls or w.e n shee used too make lil passes at me but i didnt think much of it until onee dayy i member bein in thee park n i was layin on her shoulder n we were tlkin n i was like damn shee is wild ko0ol or w.e so i tol my half, steph, n then shee tol "sunshine" . "sunshine" was in complete shock but shee was wit it so shee asked for my number n then we started tlkin on thee phone odee n then shee juss asked me out.. im like ummmm idk lol. but shee wanted an answer so i sed yess..... mind u shee alrede hadd a gf lol... but idc bout those lol. so we started goin out ... i didnt want nebody too knoo cause ppl tlk a lottt !!!!! n i juss didnt want nebody thinkin tht i was weird or a creep for thee decision i made. so shee didnt reali care so shee started tellin ppl if thy asked which made me feel kinda uncomfortable cause i knoo ppl thought of me differently .... after awhile i stopped carin thoo we even kissed in public lol. but after we broke up i nvr did go out wit another girl.. idk i might kiss another girl (besides my friends) onee dayy but as off noww nahh.... n thy gotta be madd kute for me too be interested lol.

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