Saturday, June 13, 2009


So yeaa i knoo wtf is wrong witchu girl this ya first day wit a blogspot n u got four lol.... But i didnt do anything today so ive juss been thinkin bout stuff tht i could share.... Well for starters i wanted too tlk bout sko0ol n howw much i HATE it ! I knoo i knoo if i wanna be anything in life i need too finish sko0ol blah blah blah but thy makin it soo hard too graduate its NOT even funny... niggas tlkin bout 90 hrs of community service noww smh. N i wasnt doin nothin durin my freshman yr n shit like tht soo its reali hrad but im tryin thoo.... Of course i got summer sko0o lol. N im type hype bout it cause its in A. Phillip Randolp, its summ kuties in tht sko0ol lol. but imma try n stay focused n NOT wrry bout thee niggas lol. N plus my lil boo gonna be in there anywayys wit me =)
Thee point of this is tht sko0ol SUCKS n i cnt wait till its done cause im ABSOLUTELY sick of it !!!

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