Saturday, June 13, 2009

Get To Knoo Bout Me !

Okkk... so im Tashawna n i started this blogging thingy thing cause of my half Stephanie lol. idk how long imma keep up wit it but heyy i can give it a try. so i attend FDA (bullshit ass sko0ol) soon too be a SENIOR... YAY! i HATE ppl lol. thts y i only keep a close circle n thy can even do u dirty summtimes. im pretty nice even thoo my friends tell a whole nother story bout how im bitchy lol. but u gotta LOVE me =) so i like alll kinds of stuffs such as CLOTHES, thee color PINK, BOYS !!!!!!!! n o0o yea my friends who r alwayys there for me thru everything cause lemme tell u ive been thru summ shit ova this short pd of time tht ive been on earth ! hmmm lets see my other interest would include music ! absolutley LOVE all kinds of it. i even have a music note on thee back of my neck... i knoo ko0ol riii lol. i actually have 5 tattoos n 3 piercings besides thee onee in my ear lol.... there r more tattos cummin soon thoo. sooo yeaa thts thee basics of me.... Yours Truly _Lil Miss Butta

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