Saturday, June 13, 2009

okkk... so lets tlk bout this wrd LOVE n how it is bein thrown around soooo easily. smh. theres tht friendly LOVE u have for summone then its thee passionate LOVE wen u truly care for summone n u juss wanna be wit them too make them happy n u doo everything in ya will power for them. according to love- a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. smh..... thts def NOT wat these boys be thinkin wen thy sayy tht shit... n im not tlkin bout all boys juss summ MAJOR assholes.... For example, imma tlk bout this onee boy we can juss call him "BUTTA" ..... we started tlkin sayy bout oct. '07... he is sooo nice well so i thought lol... he has his moments n i juss fuccin wanna have this boys baby lol. but then there is other times wen i ABSOLUTELY HATE HIS GUTS. lets start off wit onee scenario.... i started goin out wit this boy lets juss call him "DIRT" lol my friends will understand y i call him tht but newayys we started goin out n then it kinda happened EXTREMELY fast cause i met him at a party then the nxt day he ask me out .. like wtf n my dumm ass sed yes!!!! wtf is my problem newayys .... "DIRT" starts cummin to my house n "BUTTA" gets super jelly... nobody thought this would happen thoo cause "BUTTA" doesnt seem like thee type too be catchin feelings n all tht good shit.... so there was onee time "DIRT" wlks me home n we kissed in front of my buildin... o0o lord was tht a badd move cause "BUTTA" chills in front of my buildin or on my block like all thee time. so he saw us kiss then hadd a fuccin bitch fit lol.... so a few wks lata me n my girlies go out to ihop u knoo havin a good ol time. this was also round thee time tht "BUTTA" got his phone cut bacc on so he calls me like hey boo wassup, watchu doin ... we juss jonesin n all tht ...... then like maybe two hrs lata he calls me while he is on this party bus drunk n high out his mind... tellin me howw much he LOVES me ... noww im like hmmm should i believe him knooin tht he is NOT in his right state of mind.. then he goes on too sayy howw he is denyin good pussy cause of me n im playin games wit him n he LOVES me sooo y am i doin this n tht i need too choose..... so at this point im reali confused n im like wait hol up... i juss cnt make tht decision right noww so nigga bangs it on me then starts txtin me all his emotions again lol .... it wasnt funny at thee time but noww i look bacc n laugh at it... but now he tells me he LOVES me all thee time even wen we NOT doin thee nasty lol but like now he actin funny yeaa i knoo he still care but its not how it used too be wen i was wit "DIRT" , i miss tht "BUTTA" , thts thee "BUTTA" i want bacc..... so basically tht wrd LOVE shouldnt be thrown around unless u reali truly care for summone cause wen thy get emotionally detached its horrible n im NOT thee type too fall hard at all.... but wn he tol me he LOVED me i felt summ tyoe of wayy bout it n noww i cnt shake him.... smh =/

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