Thursday, June 18, 2009


"I know you miss me
and when you're with me
The world just goes away
The way you hold me
The way you show me that you
adore me. Oh, when you kiss me"
- Shania Twain

So theee topic of LOVE has cumm bacc up yet again.... N i realize tht i kinda want a boyfriend. I mean its NOT summthin tht i need but its nice too have onee. But actually summone who cares for u juss as much as u care for them. When i did have a boyfriend ill admit i wasnt thee greatest girfriend but thts only because i wasnt satisfied.... n NOT even sexually, PERIOD! I alrede knoo wat i want n until i get it ill juss have too "explore"lol. I want summbody thts gonna make me feel like thee Shania describes lol. Doesnt tht juss sound soo romantic n fairy tale like !? =) I mean im sure all times wont be tht way but i want summ onee tht if like we will have an argument but then at night he'll still call me n sayy forget bout all tht nonsense i LOVE u =)))) Will this ever happen for me !? I knoo onee day but i want it noww lol. Maybe im rushin things cause im only 17 but thee floww life gettin ouuta control cause thy start catchin feelings n if u not wit it then thy wanna cop a attitude smh... I want summ body too ADORE me =)))) OMG! This song makes me wanna cry bein all boyfriend less.... These flowws aint hittin on shit lol.

Thee problem is soon as i think i knoo for sure, i really dnt cause i keep meetin neww "friends" lol. I swear to everything i cnt get rid of these damn boys lol. Like i be tryna see wat "BUTTA" gonna do but im slowly but surely losin my attraction too him. He play too many games n got wayy too many hoes on his shit n thts NOT like me too be waitin round... if u liked it u shoulda put a ring on it lol or summthin... take a bitch out SUMMTHIN ... lol. So im soooooooo movin on.. or imma try tooo. Thee only problem wit this is tht "BUTTA" lives across thee sidewalk (in thee nxt buildin) n he doesnt like too see me wit anyone else. SMH! But o0oo well he bout too be madd cause i gots a neww boo n he a thug so "BUTTA" cnt try n run him away like he has done in thee pass lmaooooo. So hopefully things wrk out GREAT wit this onee but im pretty sure ill cumm bacc too u guys wit a story of howw he fucced up n im sick of him n im bacc too flowws lol.... BUT then again i HOPE im not right bout tht *fingers crossed*

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