Saturday, June 27, 2009

And This Is What We Idolize... SMH

So recently Michael Jackson died. Rest In Peace! So everybody in their aways in stuff hadd OMG thee king of pop blah blah blah... N im thinkin hol on i hope everybody get this way wen i go byee byee cause this nigga was a PERV !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N im like if it was summ normal nigga on thee street thy would have wanted him too been gone cause he touchin lil kidds. N yeaa i knoo u shoulda wish death on anyone but i have hadd a serious encounter wit a PERV n it hurts wen summthin like tht happens.. So should he reali get this much praise ?! I think not his ass should rot in HELL ! Juss like all thee other grown ass men n women touchin on children ! HELLO ppl cause he got money he different, fucc outta here ! N thts wat i think bout thee death of thee King Of Pop ... srry i knoo many ppl will beg too differ wit my opinion =)

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