Sunday, June 14, 2009

Golddigging !?

So wat do u consider a golddigger lol. Cause ive been tol tht i have golddigging wayys. But i dnt think so, juss dnt want knoo pop ass nigga too alwayys be tellin me tht he aint got it maybe nxt time. Fucc outta here my mother spoils me so i expect tht if u tryna be wit this =) lol. Im NOT sayyin tht u alwayys gotta have it, dnt get me wrong ill wrk for mines cause i dnt want no nigga thinkin i NEED him ! But like cmon if im ya girl im not alwayys gonna be treatin u, u BROKE ass nigga ! lol. Ive actually nvr hadd a guy juss cumm out n ask me too buy anything, guess thy alrede knoo. But i have offered n brought clothes lil stuff like tht. But im NOT supplyin ya wardrobe lol. So lately ive been watchin The Game wit Pooch Hall n thee lady frm The Steve Harvey Show riii lol. N this makes me wanna marry a football player.. not juss because he has MONEYS ;) but most likely he has thee looks n he will want a R.O.D chick cause these other hoes juss after his money ! So there goes my golddigging plans =) ill be his BIGGEST supporter n then juss go too RODEO DRIVE after... hehehe


  1. that's not gold-digging. i'm glad you recognize that you are to be treated like a PRINCESS. too many times we think we're supposed to settle for the okey-doke. carry on lil mama!

  2. Well, Miss Butta...

    Golddiggers are girls that like to treat themselves to their man's wallets without bringing in any financial support of their own into the relationship.

    So, the fact that you want a football player is fine ...just as long as you're doing something productive with your time and not just sitting at home, hoping for more money to come through.

    --As a matter of fact, this goes for guys too, babe.

    Only... we don't usually call guys "golddiggers". I guess we call them "pimps".