Wednesday, August 5, 2009

OVER ...

So We Lasted For About 3 Weeks Or So... SMH! Damn Wat Thee Hell I Be Doin All Wrong???
So I Knew It Was Soon To Be Over Wen I Wrote Thee Last Blog... But I Thought I Could At Least Go A Month With Bein Cuffed... Guess NOT!
But He's Been On Summ New Shit Lately, Everything I Tell Him About Himself He Takes It Super Duper Offensive..... Y ??? So Yeaa.. Im Kinda Givin Up On Tht Whole "CUFFING" Thing... Imma Juss Do What && Or Who Ever I Want.. LOL. Sounds GOOD Riii ???? So Enough Bout Him.... I Hadd Thee Greatest Weekend Ever.. Denied A Few Boys My Number Cause I HADD A Boyfriend LOL. But I Got Kinda Sauced && Then Stayed Out Wit My Fav Block Heads(152) Until 7:51 =)
So Yeaa Until Nxt Time Folks....... ;)

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