Sunday, September 27, 2009

OMG. I Havent Been On Here In Yrs...! So Yesterday I Went Too Thee Movies && Saw I Can Do Badd All By Myself ! OMG! I Cried Lol. It Made Me Real Emotional Wen It Got too Thee Church Scene Im Like Damn I Need Too Take My Ass Too Church Onee Of These Sundays Lol. && Yesterday I Also Did Summone, Lets Juss Say Awesome Lol. Well Life Has NOT Been That Swell Lately. Can Yu Tell Me Y Teens Go Thru So Much? Lol. Ughhh... && Lets NOT Even Get Started On These SILLY Ass Boys That I Seem Too Be Attracted Too Lol.
So I Still Talk Too Butta riii && Boy O Boy Is He Summthin Else. Always Changin His Mind Bout Summthin, First Wantin ME Then Cummin Home && Seeing Him Wit Summ Bird Bitch Frm Thee Block Lol. Like Make Up Ya Mind ! But I Deal Wit It Cause Im Like Yeaa I Do Indeed Love Him .. But Blah W.e. && Member Thee Boy I Used Too Go Out Wit For A Split Second Of My Life ? Well He's Such A Bitch Lol. Like I Aint Even Gonna Front He Dumm Kute But I Be Lookin At him In Thee Halls && He Juss Got Way Too Many Hoes For ME. But Theres This Other Kute 10th Grader Lol. Imma "Cradle Rocker" I Knoo But Uhh Hes Adourable && I Tol Him Imma Take Him Too Prom, But I Thought Bout It && That NIgga Short Lol. But Ttyl && Ill Be Sure Too Update Yu On Farther Events In My Life = )

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